The Flywater Travel Global Angling Guide

This piece is so photographically lush that it’s laughingly referred to as “porn for fishermen.” The first year it was mailed out lettercarriers were literally pulling it from among their deliveries and requesting their own copies.

The initial goal of the piece was to generate a little buzz and a few leads in the form of phone calls while introducing the client’s unique new service to flyfishing aficionados. Sometime after the second printing the brochure really took off and it became much more than just a branding publication: the guide is not only requested and lavishly praised; it sells. A customized limited edition version of the guide is also mailed to top customers.

To get your own copy of the Flywater brochure, e-mail Flywater Travel at or call 1.800.552.2729. They’ll put you on the mailing list and introduce you to more flyfishing excitement than you knew existed.

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