Irvine Vineyards Wine Labels

By far the most promising new collaboration in the world of Rogue Valley wines is the partnership between Irvine Vineyards and Pallet Wine Company, and the 2009 Irvine Vineyards Pinot Noir and Viognier labels were an exciting project. The labels, like the wines, are classic but contemporary, rich with personality. The viognier wears a cross-like insignia subtly incorporating vertical Is and horizontal Vs. The pinot’s label is bolder, exchanging the sun-washed viognier palette for a deep wine and verdant layers of green. If you’re fortunate enough to get close to a bottle, search the green texture of the background for a hint of the challenges Doug and Dionne Irvine overcame to produce this vintage. In 2009 it was birds; rumor has it that the next vintage may sport a raiding bear!

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