CarterWorks is a very small, very productive design studio located in Ashland, Oregon. Our two-person studio provides professional services including:

Graphic Design — visual communication and persuasion both in print and online. We have years of experience with printers and the offset printing process.

Copywriting — creation of “copy,” that is, text for advertising and informative, persuasive communication in general. We write for effectiveness: to tell, sell, and move people.

Advertising — ad planning, creation, and placement. We offer special options for clients attempting to reach markets and audiences in Oregon and California. The high-tech, green, high-integrity values of the Pacific Northwest work for us and position our clients profitably.

Print Services — expert advice, oversight, and brokering of print jobs large and small. Our advice helps clients accomplish their goals cost-effectively and intelligently; CarterWorks has significant experience with a variety of environmentally conscious options and techniques as well.

CarterWorks is Scott and Kathy Carter. We’re not frustrated artists or part-time hobbyists. We’re experienced design professionals. We accomplish our clients’ goals; we get your work done. Contact us.